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Del. Elizabeth Guzman

Ann Ridgeway is an exceptional candidate for delegate in Virginia’s 30th District. She understands the district’s challenges and is determined to bringing change and progress to the communities she will represent. No one will work harder than this native Virginian—a former school teacher and juvenile probation officer. I am proud to endorse Ann’s candidacy for delegate in the General Assembly and look forward to working with her.


Joshua Cole

Ann Ridgeway will work incredibly hard for the citizens of the 30th District and all Virginians. Her strong faith and love of family and community are reflected in her commitment to creating better opportunities for all. Ann has been a dedicated public servant for much of her life, and I know she will carry that energy and passion for change to her work as a delegate. I highly endorse her and hope to have the chance to work closely with her in the years ahead.


Del. Sam Rasoul

I appreciate Ann commitment to rural Virginia, and the community she has been serving. From her background as teacher and juvenile probation officer, Ann will be able to bring a much needed perspective to the General Assembly. If you want someone who is pushing for the people in Virginia, then join me in supporting Ann Ridgeway for House of Delegates.

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